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I would love to take a moment just praise my attorney, Greg Webb. After spending hours searching through the big commercialized names, I decided to look further to try finding someone close to home, someone who would stand not only for me but with me as well. Attorney Webb provided substantial skill, knowledge, as well as being extremely dedicated to my case. He was able to get my charges reduced, a shorter probation, and he continues to provide me with expert legal advice whenever needed. I never imagined having such a determined attorney who was also devoted to steering me in the right direction. If you’re searching for a criminal lawyer who will treat you fair, humane, and will go the extra mile to ensure each case and person is treated with the respect and individuality deserved, then Attorney Greg is a legal defense that I guarantee will do his absolute best from beginning to end to ensure you get the best outcome possible for your case.

– Champion W.

Greg helped me through a very difficult litigation with an insurance company that was out of control. The insurance company’s client was clearly at fault, yet it continued to deny my claim against him and his horrible work. It took over 5 years and 8 months from start to finish. Greg just continued to push forward until we won! He never let their ridiculously inadequate responses to my claim get him down or persuade him to stop trying. During trial Greg’s calm, sure temperament was amazing to watch. During onslaughts of attacks, false accusations and vicious claims from the opposing council, Greg remained steady and strong. I would recommend him to anyone needing legal help.

– Becky W.

Greg goes the extra mile to make sure that true justice is done. He won’t settle for a better deal, [he] works hard to get you the best.

– Tracy M.

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I strive to know you as an individual because I value your worth as a person. I recognize that your case is only a snapshot of who you were in a moment and I will diligently defend you against the criminal charges against you. My mission is to provide you with high quality, creative and result-oriented legal advocacy to help you through this trying time.