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Property Crimes

Evaluating the evidence is not as simple as just reviewing the state’s disclosures. More often than not, the police report only tells half of the story, your honest discussion with me, will fill in the necessary gaps or point my office towards further investigation.

In any case, whether a misdemeanor or a felony, you are innocent until proven guilty.  Before discussing possible defense strategies, it is critical to determine if the state has enough admissible evidence to reach a conviction.  Weighing the state’s case requires answering two questions, one, is the evidence sufficient and was the evidence lawfully obtained?


The relative strength or weakness of the state’s case, will determine the next course of action. If the state’s case is relatively strong, the fact that the victim was damaged financially, gives you the opportunity to offer restitution, as part of a plea offer before trial. When a victim is damaged financially, the district attorney may be interested in helping the victim recoup his losses. You should prepare, as much as reasonably possible, to make a restitution offer, while the case is pending. My office will review the facts and advise you about making a specific offer and what that offer should be or discuss the other option of making the state prove its case at trial (if the evidence is insufficient to make a conviction likely).

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I strive to know you as an individual because I value your worth as a person. I recognize that your case is only a snapshot of who you were in a moment and I will diligently defend you against the criminal charges against you. My mission is to provide you with high quality, creative and result-oriented legal advocacy to help you through this trying time.