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Post Conviction Relief

Even if you go to trial and are found guilty, you still have legal rights, including an absolute right to appeal, to a higher court, the verdict and/or sentence.

Before moving forward with an appeal, you may be able to lessen the sentence or obtain a new trial, before going before the appellate court. 

Such post-conviction motions are filed with the trial court, before your case is heard on appeal.  There are time limits for filing certain motions, such as requesting a new trial, asking for the court to reconsider the sentence and notice of intent to take an appeal, so it is important to seek counsel immediately following a negative outcome at trial.

Examples of situations that can justify a new trial or lesser sentence are:  finding new evidence that was not available before the trial started; ineffective assistance by your attorney; an improper ruling on an objection; improper conduct by the prosecutor; or some other legal error, or even possibly, a change in the law. 

Our office is prepared to obtain a full transcript of the trial proceedings, including jury selection, to look for appealable issues.   Our office will examine the objections made by your trial attorney and look for errors that could reverse the conviction or perhaps justify a new trial. 

If our office finds an issue, we will draft the appropriate motions and advocate your position before the court. 

You or your loved one should not serve a sentence greater than they deserve.  If you want peace of mind and the best possible outcome in court, call our office for immediate assistance.

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