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Criminal Defense

If you have been arrested in Ascension Parish or you are concerned that you may be under investigation, you have a serious issue and will need legal representation to get through the hurdles you are about to face.

Choosing your attorney is a weighty decision and my office is available to answer all of your questions, to set your mind at ease and build the trust and confidence you will need, when you enter the courtroom with your lawyer.  I will not only prepare you for what lies ahead of you, but I will also walk with you every step of the way, to make sure all of your rights are protected and every fact is uncovered. 

I will be with you at every court date, from arraignment all the way to your trial, if necessary, so you will never face the State alone.  If you are still incarcerated, I will not only begin preparing your case, but will look for every available means to get you released from incarceration, while your case is pending.    

Every case requires preliminary work to get the best plea offer, resolve the case by motion or to ensure your case is ready for trial.  My office will make sure that discovery is complete, so all of the evidence, positive and negative, is available for you to review.  The evidence is critical, but how the evidence is viewed and admitted before the court will hinge upon the motions that my office will file on your behalf, to enforce your legal rights.

In addition to the critical legal work that must be done, I will be available throughout your case to meet with you by telephone, video or in person, so you are never uncertain about the status of the case. 

Criminal Defense Services

My Mission

The Greg Webb Commitment

I strive to know you as an individual because I value your worth as a person. I recognize that your case is only a snapshot of who you were in a moment and I will diligently defend you against the criminal charges against you. My mission is to provide you with high quality, creative and result-oriented legal advocacy to help you through this trying time.